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Motivating Your Child to Practice


As we all settle back into our routines after the  fun filled holiday season,  we offer you a few tips to successfully motivate your child to practicing his or her  music lesson.


1-  Find a quiet, comfortable place in your home and eliminate distractions.

2-  Make sure the student is relaxed.  No other obligations are hanging over his/her head, and he or she is not rushing to get to the next task.

3-  Parents and other family members,  should be enthusiastic about the practice time.  This time should be talked about as a fun, interesting activity, not as a chore.   It is not recommended that “payment” (in the form of T.V. time, video game time, money) is offered in exchange for practicing time.  Parents or other family members can ask student to perform for them.  Having someone sit with and give feedback to the student during practice may be more rewarding.

4-  Instead of the time approach (practice 30 minutes), it’s recommended to have a goal approach.  Speak with the instructor to be able to set realistic daily and weekly goals for the student.  The student should be involved in the practice goal setting decision as well.  When the student is practicing in a way he enjoys, he/ she will practice more.  Students can also decide to practice 3-5 times each piece.

5-  Having the student fall in love with his instrument is key.  Students will WANT to practice if they love what they’re playing.  Having an instructor that’s passionate about music and teaching,  will usually translate into the student falling in love with music as well.

6-  When goals are achieved, celebrate success with the student.  Clap, congratulate him/her on his/her performance.  Congratulate them on achieving the goal.  Clearly estate the goal that has been achieved again.  And always be enthusiastic!!  Music makes life better!!